Wednesday, December 28, 2011

RIP Cobs

On the 8th September Cobs was PTS.  He was sore more often than he was not so it was decided that the right thing would be done by him & make him pain free.

It has taken me this long to get the courage to write this update but I am still finding it incredibly hard.

I miss him more than I ever thought I would.

RIP buddy - it actually sucks without you :(

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lesson with Kirstin 25th June

Despite still being in pain I want to try & keep going as normal so booked a lesson with Kirstin while she was coming up too Woodhill.

We only did walk/trot as I still can't canter yet and wow I got so much out of the lesson!

As you will be aware if I have always had issues with lateral movements on this horse & have spent a considerable amount of time beating myself up about it...well it would appear that my horse actually can't go laterally when he isn't all these years of frustration were fixed in half an hour!!! 

Cobs unfortunately was a bit of a tool to start off with but worked through it okay.  Only thing on my mind was too not fall off again!  Kirstin had me taking a far more firm hold of the reins that I normally do so when he started to go crooked I could feel it faster.  He is worse on the right rein so we did a lot of work on this rein - did a lot of leg yielding on the circle & every time he bulged the shoulder I lifted my outside rein as a half halt & that brought the shoulder back into line.  By the end of the lesson I had even contact in both reins...something I have not had with Cobs for a long time.

We then did some shoulder in & leg yielding off the 3/4 line and although it was rusty we could actually do it so was super stoked with that.

Now I just have to try & remember what we went through & practice it!  I hope to have two lessons with her next week as she is going away for a while.  Not sure if I will be up to jumping by then but more than happy to stay doing flat work.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Winter Schooling

Have been out & about doing schooling every weekend I can - our jumping has gone completely with Cobs deciding he no longer knows how to canter nicely away from the fences....sigh...

He was jumping super at Raider Lodge (19th June) and we seemed to have got some brains back when I pushed for an insanely long stride, we landed & the next minute I know I am flat on my back in the sand/soup mix.  Feck it hurt.  Not sure what happened - I think it hurts him to land that heavy so can only guess he bucked or something.

Not ideal & over a week later I am still in a lot of pain with brusied ribs & a sore back.

Grr. Not the start to the season I wanted.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kind of back on track....

After Rosedale Cobs never really came right & it become apparent that he was still fighting the damn virus that had been lurking round for a few months.  He went onto some cough medicine but was no better within a week so had the vet out.  

By then he had dropped a ton of weight & lost a lot of topline :(  The vet said there was nothing we could give him to make him better to just give him time off.  By this time it had been a few weeks so decided to give him another few light weeks & see how he felt.

Unfortunately Cobs is not the sort of horse you can just turn out so I was road riding him every three/four days trying to keep his sanity.  First few rides he struggled but by the end of the second week he felt a lot better.  I went down to the showgrounds for a walk out and he felt good down there too.

On the 24th took him down to my friends arena and he was a little snot - typical winter Cobs crap but at least he had the energy to be naughty so that was good.  Went back down there yesterday & he worked SUPER - was so lovely & soft.  Felt amazing.

So plan is now to try and bring him back into work as much as I can by only riding on the weekends.  Would like to think we could do some winter jumping end of July but will just see how he is feeling. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rosedale Training ODE

Off we went to Rosedale for their Training ODE.  I walked the course the night before & it was quite a hard training course I felt.  There was one jump in particular that I emailed them about that night to be told to suck it up basically.

Cobs warmed up nicely for the dressage & then got told that they had changed our dressage times....awesome.  So hopped off him and stood round for almost an hour.  I hopped on again as the judge came and he went all tense & stupid.  Tried to warm up but he just got worse.  Because they had mucked us round there was no-one to do the dressage so I offered to go in.  Thinking they would at least give me one trot round the arena but NO.  Soon as I left the judges car she rang the bell.  Went to go in the ring & he just went dog and was all tense & sideways.  Got a growling in the corner and after about three movements finally relaxed & did some okay work.  Was pretty disappointed as he had warmed up so nicely & if we had done our test at the time we should have it would have been a nice test.

Anyway...walked the xc course again and the jump I was most scared of didn't look as horrendous so figured I would give it a go if things felt okay.  He was an absolute idiot in the warm up ring which was....exciting I guess?  Maybe it means he finally has the idea of xc??

So the first jump was a nice jump up a hill, he stood off that and pinged off.  Next the dreaded #2 - it was a hedge that had been grown over a normal fence - was max brush height etc.  Came into it and the take off was all fugged up from others stopping so I stopped riding into it.  I could NOT get my head around doing that jump - I was most scared about him dragging a leg through it and getting caught in the wire.  So I made the decision to just flag it & went and did the intro one instead.  MUCH nicer.  Third was a big roll top which he did okay, fourth log which he jumped nicely.  Fifth was the water complex - had to drop in, canter through (long water jump!) and then jump out and then a stride to a skinny.  He jumped in really well and cantered through but half way through just died so we jumped out & missed out the skinny, I came round to do it but there was no way there was enough room so just cantered round it.  Next was quite a big table top but that jumped okay.  The the sunken road - big vertical, one stride to ditch then one stride out over another vertical.  I just jumped the ditch & last vertical.  Then was probably the coolest jump on the course - skinny in between two Jeeps.  That was wicked & he jumped that really nicely.  Next up was a palisade, then tyres then out the back to a big corner.  Did all three really nicely.  Then a nice big long gallop round to a max height oxer with flax bushes - got a hugely long stride off that one but was cool.  Next up was an big upright with hay bales stuck down the middle of it - was worried about this one with it being so upright but he flew over it.  Next was another ramp thing - easy.  Then there was a very gappy oxer with a ditch under it.  Wasn't worried about this one but as we came up to it he was all disunited - I half halted a bit too harshly so he went down to trot & then just died in front of the jump.  Came round & did it again & again he trotted into it but had enough bounce in his step to launch over it.  Then the last was a ramp which we absolutely flew over.

Was SO super happy with him.  Yeah sure we got eliminated but I don't want to push him and if I am not riding confidently then there is the potential for things to go wrong.  On the upside though from about number 8 through to 14 he really took me to the jumps & felt super confident.  Of course there are no photos from that side of the course damn it!

I didn't do the SJ as there wasn't much point.  Save his legs for another day.






Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Woodhill SJ 3rd April

Back down to Woodhill for the first day of their winter SJ series. I know I need to work on our SJ so its my aim to go down there as often as I can & just PRACTICE!!!

Again did the 80 as our first round. The course was lovely & the double was a two stride so that was good. Cobs got faster & faster as the round went on - wasn't really listening to me so had a few good half halts to be reminded what manners are. He did a super round - backed off the double so he got growled into that (more for me I suspect LOL!). Got into the jump off & we went as fast as I am comfortable with. He was great - they had a fake liverpool etc and he didn't even look at it so that was awesome. The double was in it as well so even more practice! We got a 5th for our effort so that was great!!! I then proceeded to fall off after we had finished our round :( He got a fright from something & unfortunately the person making him spook didn't stop doing what they were doing so he kept leaping sideways. I stayed on for two spooks but the third unseated me & I landed on my bum. OUCH. That actually hurts.....a lot.

I was worried that the fall would affect my confidence so went into the 90 as quickly as I could to get over it. Cobs was SUPER in this round. Had one rail as he came off the corner on the wrong lead but other than that was absolutely thrilled with it. He was listening a lot more & we got the right spots etc. Just felt great. I came out the ring & my friend told me I was doing the metre round.....hmm.....this is a bit of a mind block for me with it being in the 100's rather than the 90's LOL! I told her that I would start but if I felt it was too big then I would retire.

WELL shouldn't have worried about that. SUPER STAR OF THE DAY!!! One rail (same jump as the 90 for the same reason) - thats it!!!! The round was AWESOME. I felt like I rode it really well & Cobs was wicked. Came out with the hugest smile on my face so thanks Michelle H for your support & encouragement. Would not have done it without your help!!! So all in all a fantastic day. Super proud of the both of us :)

90 round (with a sandy bum!)

Metre round

Twilight SJ 31st March

Took Cobs down to Woodhill for their last twilight SJ just to get back into the groove of things after not having done much since Puhinui.

I just entered the 80 round. He was pretty good. Got all the right leads etc. I rode like a nana coming into the double so he stopped at the first one, spun him round & growled him into it the next time & he flew it.

Was pleased with the night - good to be out there jumping again & he wasn't too crazy LOL!